The San People of London

My first solo Exhibition took place this year at the Factory 45 (Big shouts out to their team for supporting!)

Titled “The San People of London”, my latest body of work at the time was heavily influenced by the San Bushmen tribe. The San people are one of the world's most ancient people and reportedly the oldest race in Southern Africa, dating back 20,000 years.

Distinguishing facial features such as their protruding cheekbones, broad noses and fuller lips are a focal point that parallel with my works. Once used as the basis for racist overtures, my highlighting is to educate, celebrate and challenge the now fetishisation of what was once paired with absolute negative connotations.

Creatives support creatives, we make each other better. The night wouldn’t have been a smash without the talented acts that performed and waviest DJ on the decks. Thank you to everyone that supported – pure vibes

 Til next time